Astro Engineering Parfocalising Rings

Astro Engineering Parfocalising Rings

The Astro Engineering Parfocalising Rings The Astro Engineering Parfocalising Rings on a TeleVue Radian 6MM Eyepiece

Parfocalising Rings.  These little Rings should be in everyone's eyepiece case.  However, most people that I know do not use them.  They are simply rings that are set on the necks of your eyepieces to allow you to swap eyepieces without refocusing your telescope.

Everyone has done it.  They're looking at an object in their telescope with one eyepiece, and then they decide to go to a higher power eyepiece.  When they place the new eyepiece onto the scope, they have to refocus the scope to see the object clearly.  If you set Parfocalising Rings on your eyepiece's to match the focus point of your primary eyepiece, you can then swap eyepieces without having to refocus your telescope every time you change an eyepiece.  This is a a huge help in maximizing your viewing pleasure and viewing time.

The Astro Engineering Parfocalising Rings are well-made, and easy-to-use.  The Rings are deep enough that the set screw has enough area inside the ring to fit comfortably without having a chance of easily falling out.  Given the size of the set screw's, you really do not want to drop them around your scope, or anywhere for that matter.  However, these Rings come with an extra set screw and a hex key needed to use the Rings. Simply put, these rings should be in everyones eyepiece case. That are not expensive, and they make the use of your scope much faster and easier.


Mike Overacker

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