Astro Engineering Medium Eyepiece Case

Astro Engineering Medium Eyepiece Case


If You Are an Avid Astronomer, eventually, you will acquire more eyepieces then you have places to keep them.  Enter the need for another eyepiece case. Most modern eyepiece cases are actually modified camera cases.  Many of them have block foam interiors that allow you to design the interior layout to fit the equipment that needs protection.  This case does not.  The foam lining is specifically cut and designed for eyepieces.  The foam lining in the top of the case is egg crate foam.  The main body of foam in the case extends completely to the bottom of the case.  As you pull out to precut plugs of foam for your eye pieces, you must cut a portion of the plug in replace it into the foam body to keep your eyepieces near the top of the main foam, and to protect the bottom of your eyepieces from the bottom of the case. This is not a problem, as it actually allows you to position your eyepieces at a suitable height above the main body of the foam.  The precut foam interior spaces the cutouts to properly cushion each object placed in the case.  Some people do not like the precut interiors, however, this precut foam interior seems well laid out and suitable for proper equipment protection.

I am particularly fond of the exterior of this case.  It is molded plastic case with secure plastic latches.  Being a molded case, there are no seams along the edges of the top or bottom of this case.  This might not seem such a big deal, but it is actually a strong point in the intended use of this case.  Having no seams along the top or the bottom of this case makes it much more resistant to water penetration on the very dewy nights.  It also makes it much easier to store this case amongst all your other gear in tight spaces, as a lack of seams make sliding this case in and out of storage much easier.  I have quite an assortment of eyepiece cases in this case never snags on another piece of equipment when I get out of storage.  This is a little detail that makes my life much easier.

If you are a person he swears by the foam block interiors, you may not like the interior of this case.  I would recommend that you consider buying this case in replacing the foam interior with the block interior of your choice.  The exterior of this case is worth the trouble.  I fully intend on getting more of these cases and replacing some cases I currently own. They are sturdy, dew resistant, and quite capable of fully protecting the equipment placed in them.

Mike Overacker

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