Astro Engineering AlignMate Lite

Astro Engineering AlignMate Lite

The Astro Engineering AlignMate Lite showing the Bubble Level side. The Astro Engineering AlignMate Lite showing the Compass side.
The Astro Engineering AlignMate Lite showing the Bubble Level side mounted on a 1.25 diagonal and a 1.25 visual back. The Astro Engineering AlignMate Lite showing the Compass side in a Scopesaver Tray. Very Handy.

There are certain things that every astronomer should have when they go out for a night of viewing.  One such thing is a compass.  Very clearly, every astronomer needs one to properly set up their telescopes.  I, personally, have several compasses in eyepiece cases.  I thought I had all the compasses I needed.  I was wrong.  Another item you can never have enough of is bubble levels.  However, when I received The Astro Engineering AlignMate, I set aside to look at the other cool things that I received in the package.  Little did I know how cool this little AlignMate is.

When I started setting up my scopes recently, I grabbed the little AlignMate and set it in my Scopesaver tray to align my tripod for my LX200 Classic telescope.  It was definitely handy for aligning my scope due north, and the bubble level worked well with the other two levels on my Scopesaver tray to quickly level the tripod.  Once I mounted my 10 inch LX200 Classic in Alt/Az mode, I installed an inch and a quarter visual back, and a 90 degree diagonal, and placed the AlignMate into the diagonal.  As a set up my scope for two star alignment, I noticed that while I had my scope leveled according to the dec dial on the fork, according to the little AlignMate, the scope was not actually level.  Using the AlignMate, I leveled the OTA with the AlignMate and then continued with my two star alignment.  This definitely improved the alignment that I achieved with my LX200 Classic. After setting up using the AlignMate, I had a faster and far more accurate 2 star alignment. Suddenly, I realized that the AlignMate was one of the most important items I had in my eyepiece case.

Folks, this is one item that I think everyone should have.  It is handy.  It is sturdy.  It is handsome.  It is accurate.  And this one is mine.  You should definitely buy your own.


Mike Overacker

Product is available from Astro Engineering